Commercial Application

Pronto panels are customized to your industrial needs. With its heat insulation attributes, you can keep you guard room cool, enabling him to function more efficiently from his designated space. Being light weight, yet strong, these panels can be easily carried to cover high storage, with minimal labor requirements. Furthermore, as the panels help keep the enclosed space cool, your workers can work without worrying about sweating it out too much and at the same time, you also save money on energy bills. With custom made panels, you can create your own work space as per your existing needs, keeping your interiors warm in winter and cool in summers. Its load bearing capacity makes it an appropriate product for industrial use.

General Application

Apart from industrial or residential applications, panels can be used for general spaces as well. For instance, if you wish to build an outhouse for a guard or servant, a cool dog house for your favorite pooch, an outhouse toilet or an additional storage space, kiosk, shelter space for livestock, etc. Its functionality doesn’t change with its size as it still provides shade and cool to the enclosed space and keeps it warm during winters.

Residential Application

Panels are available in different colors, rendering a unique look to your home, apart from providing you with unique applications and functionality. With varied uses, panels can also be used as partition walls, or they can be used to keep a small area in your house, such as a “Puja Room”, “Store Room”, “Terrace Room”, “Dog House”, etc. cool as well. As they are custom made and installed easily, you can build your house at a faster pace, making the entire process convenient for you.

Interior Application

Interior panels can be used to provide modern look to your rooms as they can be used as readymade partitions and walls for modern interiors and is easy to shift and move. To render a modern, trendy and unique look to your interiors, install custom made panels that can be used as walls which are also available in various colors, designs and are reliable as well.

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