PWD BSR New Item– Prefabricated Insulated PPGL Face Panel Sandwich Panel Jaipur- 55mm and 65 mm

PWD Rajasthan, City Circle, Jaipur has added a new item to its BSR (Basic Schedule of Rates 2016) under Building Works Chapter B-17  Page B-101 Titled Additional Miscellaneous Items.

This list includes following items:







These panels are made from pre-coated metal sheet shall be PPGL (Pre Painted Galvalume Sheet with AZ coating) sheet having SDP (Super Durable Polyester) colour coat of 18 micron(min).

Pronto manufactures these items in strict conformity with PWD’s BSR specification. Contact 0141 5124242 and +91 96728 01555.


Property Market Crisis- A Solution- Real Estate to get Realistic


As per Livemint’s 2015 report titled “India’s worst real estate nightmare” : Home sales dipped 9% to 28,446 units and new launches dropped 47% to 18,887 units. The country’s largest property market, NCR, saw a pile-up of inventory in the January-March period that would take close to 78 months to clear at the current pace of sales. Unsold inventory in NCR in January-March rose 12.63% to 235,908 apartments from a year ago. Still, buyers are taking their own time to make a purchase decision and one of the main reasons is pricing—most of these 2,600 units are priced above Rs.1 crore—a price that’s above the reach of most middle-class buyers.


New Approach: Learn and Adapt from international experiences

Low Cost Housing or affordable housing is often considered to be a term that applies only to Poor income group people. Rather it a universal economic barometer which applies to all income group. It’s a very important tool to arrive at pricing decision while undertaking a housing project.

As per Wikipedia, A Dwelling unit whose total housing cost are deemed “Affordable” to a group of people within a specified income range is called Affordable Housing or Low cost housing.

So what is a reasonable home price?  

A price-to-income ratio is considered the most optimum method to arrive at pricing decision in construction industry. It looks at the total cost/price of a home relative to average annual incomes of potential customer.

An April 2013 article in Forbes points out that : The typical, median home in the US cost 2.6 times as much as the median annual income. (For example if average income in an area was $100,000, the median price of a home would typically be about $260,000: $100,000 * 2.6).

A similar scenario emerges in Great Britain as well. A January 2014 article on points out that “First time buyers in London are seeing house prices at a record 7.5 times average earnings. For the UK as a whole, the ratio of 4.3 is still above long term trends.”

An estimate made by Forbes, put the average income of a Mumbaikar at $5900 or around Rs 3.54 lakh (assuming $1 = Rs 60) per year. This means it would need nearly 34 years of annual income (Rs 1.2 crore divided Rs 3.54 lakh) for an average Mumbaikar to buy a home in this city currently. What this tells us very broadly that homes in Mumbai are very expensive. Similar calculations done for other parts of the country are most likely to show similar results.

Taking clues from international average, which our Indian banks also consider in calculating eligibility for loan, a person can invest maximum of 6-7 times multiple of his annual income for a dwelling unit.

Income Group (annual) Price to Earnings Ratio Spend Ability Basic Property Value
500000-750000 7 5000000 4000000
750001-1000000 7 7000000 5500000
1000001-1500000 7 10000000 8000000


From above its evident that a typical Middle Class family can only afford a house of Rs. 40 Lac (basic value without interior/furniture or registration cost). Major inventory available in city like Jaipur today has a starting range of 60 -70 Lac. This makes most property non-affordable.

Only factory which was driving such high priced real-estate market was “Anticipated Returns” on value of property over time. Thus it was the investment factor which tempted people to buy even non-affordable properties.

Equation During times of Positive Sentiment Period:

Property Decision = Affordable Dwelling Cost + High Return Investment

As long as property was serving twin purpose of high return and a dwelling unit, the market was upbeat. Though in time of real estate crisis 2015, there was a sudden loss of “anticipated high returns” from property investment.

Now, with decline in expected future return on property investment, the Property Buying Decision is now a simple factory of Affordability.

Changed Equation During times of Positive Sentiment Period:

Property Decision = Affordable dwelling Cost + 0 (even some may put a negative number here)


Way Ahead: Real-estate must get realistic

Given the fixed supply of Land available for construction coupled with stringent land acquisition norms, the land will always remain bullish due to demand supply gap. Though there is a definitive need for a shift towards a realistic constructed housing pricing system.

That’s not all. We need to be realistic not only in Pricing, but also in use-ability of property offered for sale. A typical household spends a lifetime in a single property. Thus a decision to buy property is associated with family emotions and future requirements.

In India and especially in cities like Jaipur, an average household typically comprise of two generations (Earning Couple and Dependent Children) and generally three generations (Dependent Parents, Earning Couple and Dependent Children) living together.

Thus a family would at least need a 2 BHK Flat with a provision to accommodate occasional guests and friends. A three generation family would thus need a minimum of 3 BHK flat with provision to accommodate occasional guests.

Affordable House = Good Price + Good Living Space

Given the soaring land prices, the logical way is Optimization every square inch to its fullest potential.

Where to get extra space from?

It’s simple, Just look at your empty walls. One can simply double the available space by using vertical space on walls.

Companies must consider using modern building materials to which requires less space and are fast to erect saving time, space and money. A well though floor plan to create feel of large open space by use of space saving furniture’s can be one amongst several ideas that would drive real-estate industry in time to come.

Even in Jaipur, we have companies like Pronto, who specialize in space saving solutions including wall-beds. They have a live display accommodating two queen size beds, seven seater sofa, 5 seater dining and much more in just 200 SqFt space. Unbelievable, just visit their showroom and explore yourself.

Technical furniture versus office furniture to control applications


Nowadays scenario of office designs have changed in sense of controlling and commanding many applications with CRT, TV monitors and many other advanced technical instruments. To operate a good job healthy participation of advanced technical furniture is significant that are equipped with tremendous and smart tools. Most popular organizations where well-equipped and efficient control rooms are required need systemic and reliable operations to make a comfortable and well furnished environment.

Ground-breaking furniture designs are nowadays gift of advanced technology and manufacturing processes.

What differentiate technical furniture to office furniture well, difference between technical and office furniture exist in terms of type of work and even both share some common characteristics also.


these are designed with purpose of long time profound use and hold up for many years. Because for security, industrial, emergency dispatch or many other imperative cause an ideal furniture is in need for 24/7 hours work. Office furniture does not withstand these all responsibilities.

Operator comfort and convenience

it is packed with ergonomics, durability and equipment storage space that are long lasting and convenient furniture designs. One foremost thing about it is built to avoid injuries.

Organized work space

commonly technical furniture is well-known for its well organized equipments and easy-of-use furniture. Here each module is designed according to working environment and to accept personal items where work is being performed.

Indeed best furniture with quality is in demand of everyone that can help to gain productivity, efficiency and safety. The advancement process and decision making worth the time and money i.e. invested.

Modern era office furniture for small spaces


Your professional place is an extension identity of yourself and to an extent it is reflection of your persona and penchant. It’s much essential aspect that your office portrays exact what you want to represent in this world. But additionally, your position or outlook is decided according to prominence of office atmosphere. But with small space displaying your eminence could be quite difficult. Candidly, this is not a permanent case if you select right modern era office furniture with all qualities. Here are some tips that will help you make correct decisions.

Desks. Desks that represent your attitude should be flexible and strong as you hard for your work. Among office essentials when comes to choosing correct furniture that are easy to fit in a limited work area. Present technologies give you plenty of options like compact or multifunctional or modular designed furniture with containing hidden space that makes you enable to create a smart advantage of that area that is already have been engaged already.

Visitor chairs. Everyone finds a multifunctional attribute whenever looking for any product. It quite seems for office accessories also that would be even smarter if could serve multipurpose facilities. Usually these things are much space stealer as do not use all the time. But it would seem good if your office being non-accommodating to guests? Of course, it’s a bad idea. Secure seating with modern office furniture folds this dilemma aside and open up umpteen numbers of ideas with proper customization service.

Careful tips to select office furniture for outfitting the office



Demands and requirements of consumers have changed a lot according to time, cost, and space over time.  Each one expects various qualities in just one design with quality on affordable cost. Fashion, modern society, technology, decoration with fitting space is on higher demand. In marker design each aspect or requirement is considerable and there have been occurring constant changes in designing from last 100 years. It might possible that consumers couldn’t realize that constant changes but infect furniture designs has come with new trends and umpteen numbers of changes.

Hardly anyone would deny that furniture has been a must essential thing of nay ground, premise, home or office. Without furniture a room is surrounded with only walls. As availability of furniture is in various categories regarding budget, style, materials, taste of people. When question comes on the office design furniture then professionalism and first impression on the visitor is first priority. Choosing office furniture is such a careful task to growth of your business and interestingly if you are part of this business.

One foremost thing is budget. If you are ready up to purchase the furniture then first it is imperative to have knowledge of amount which would be allotted to you for any space in office. Once you are done with budget then next thing to mind is composition of office space and surroundings. It’s highly dependable on area. If office area is small then go for such multifunctional furniture which is slim and utilizes the office space smartly as well leaving first time impression. For large area offices you must head for theme design with graceful pieces. Third and important thing to apply is deadline for purchasing furniture. Work flow and assignments of office hours should not interfere with office furniture purchasing, decide a deadline and finish it on time.


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