How Green building material will replace solid materials in the future?

How Green building material will replace solid materials in the future?

Green Building Materials

A Green Building refers to the environmentally sustainable or high performance building. The purpose of constructing the green building is to minimize the total environmental impacts. Green building is also known by the ‘green construction’ or ‘sustainable building’. As a well designed green buildings will helps to save money. As well as it increase the comfort and create healthier environments for the people to live and work. It helps to improve the indoor air quality, natural daylight and the thermal comfort.

Strategies of Green Building

  • It helps to reduced the energy consumption
  • Helps for water conversation
  • Recycling of the waste

Main Elements of Green Building

There are several people who are thinking that what kinds of the materials are used in the designing of the Green Building. The materials, energy, water and health are the main factors that makes green building more sustainable.

Make Green Building More Sustainable

Below mention are some of the components of a Green Building to make it sustainable.

Materials for the Green Building

The materials which are used in the green building are obtained from the natural, renewable sources. Hence Green Building Materials are managed and harvested in a sustainable way. For the reason they are obtained locally to reduce the embedded energy costs of the transportation for the salvaged from the reclaimed materials at the nearby sites. Therefore Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) in the terms of the embodied energy, durability, recycled content, waste minimization. Hence their ability to reused or recycled.

Energy Systems in the Green Building

The design of green building is passive solar design. As it dramatically reduce the heating and cooling costs of the building. It provides the high levels of the roof insulation and windows which are energy efficient.  Another plus point of the green building is that due to the day light design it reduces a building’s electricity needs and it improves people’s health and the productivity. Thus Green Building incorporated energy efficient lighting, the low energy appliances and the renewable energy technologies. For instance, wind turbines and the solar panels.

Water Management System in Green Building

If you want to minimizing water use then it can be achieved by installing the greywater and the rainwater. It recycles water for irrigation or for the purpose of the toilet flushing,  the water efficient appliances. For example the low flow showerheads, self closing or the spray taps, the low flush toilets or the waterless composting toilets.

Health Components of Green Building

The products which are used in constructing the green building are non toxic materials which are beneficial for improving the indoor air quality. It is also beneficial for the people who are suffering from asthma for the reason it helps to reduce the rate of asthma, allergy and sick building syndrome. The materials which are used in the constructing the green building are emission free, it has the low or we can say the no VOC content. The quality of the indoor air can be easily measured with the help of the ventilation systems. The materials used in designing green building makes it heat proof building that controls the humidity and allows a building to breathe.


The above mentioned areas of the green building should provide a perfect cost savings to the builder and the occupants. It meets the broader needs that make green building as a environmental friendly.

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