Modern Pre-Fabricated Wards at SMS Hospital

Modern Pre-Fabricated Wards at SMS Hospital

Established in 1947, Sawai Man Singh hospital is the biggest government sector hospital in the state of Rajasthan. It’s the best known medical center in Rajasthan.

Built almost  7 decades back, the two storey building of Hospital was unable to cater the load due to increased population. There was an immediate need to add about 150 beded ward to existing hospital.  

Old building was made using old method of Load Bearing wall with stone patti roofing, which could not bear the load of any new RCC construction. Jam packed with patients, it was also impossible to shut down hospital operations even for one day hence demolishing the old building and constructing a new one was out of consideration. Thus the construction needs to be executed while existing hospital was in full swing operation.

There was definitely a need to find out some innovative modern building material to achieve solve such complex requirement. The key to all these challenges was pre-fabricated construction which is fast, economical, insulted, fire proof and light weight. And yes, being a government project, it must be cost effective too.

Pronto, Jaipur based manufacturer of pre-fabricated buildings, had the necessary skill set and material to meet the challenging requirement for SMS hospital. As a trial, in first phase, it was decided to construct a 109 bedded Cancer Ward on 3rd floor using Pronto’s technology.

 Roof and wall panel of metal were customized at the Pronto factory and delivered to site. RCC construction would have taken years to complete this job which pronto panels completed in a short span of 3 months.

The powder coated finish panels were the right choice looking at high hygiene requirement for new wards on roof-top of hospital. The insulated panel helped reduce the energy requirement of air-conditioning system installed in Pronto’s Pre-Fabricated wards. While dust-free and sparkling powder coated finish made new wards look ultra-modern. As a testimony, a new article in leading newspaper of Jaipur said “Niji ko bhi maat dega yeh hospital” (This hospital will supersede the modern private hospitals).

During construction there were challenges like construction of Lift-rooms, bathrooms, fixing of ceramic tiles over metal panels in bathroom walls. With Pronto’s vast experiences the team Pronto provided solutions to all such requirements.

Several newspapers covered this new construction technique through Pre-Fabricated material.

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