Over time buildings are getting smarter with innovative new material. Traditional construction methods like Brick, cement or tin-shed (shade) are not able to cope up with demanding requirement for new modern world. There is a growing need for a new material to built modular buildings with high strength and quick installation time. Pronto’s custom build panels is an answer to such demanding material.

What is Pronto Panel

Roof PanelsBasically, a Pronto Panel is a structurally strong Pronto Core sandwiched between two skins/facings (like cement, metal).

Thus while most traditional building thermally non-insulated,  Pronto Panels comes reinforced with core having very high thermal resistance thus saving energy bills. Therefore Pronto Panels are structurally strong, stable and additionally provides a number of associated features like lightweight, fire retardant, termite resistant, insulating and acoustic (see, Features for details). This new innovative building material is so much more that it is long lasting, reliable, simple and affordable.

As Pronto Panels are made using traditional materials itself therefore they have same appearance and exterior character of their facing but from inside Pronto Panels are stronger when compared pound-for-pound, lighter than any currently available material, more true-flat than any structure build on site (as Pronto’s custom size panels are factory made).

Why is lightweight important

99% of solid material used in any building hosts wood-based core (including particle board, plywood etc). Most, if not all, material lose their structural integrity over long spans due to their own weight, thus creating design limitations. Also, natural wood are prone to warp, crack, twist, expand and contract compromising final result. Load on building structure is dramatically reduced on using Pronto Panel. When used as doors, hinges and screws do not loose up over time. Installation becomes easy for small team. It also permits use of simple fixtures and enables installation at complex positions.

Eco-Friendly: Pronto’s technology uses less wood, less energy and less manpower to manufacture and has very less wastage thus saving trees. Its insulating character reduces energy bills thus saving energy cost over its lifetime.Affordable: Pronto Panels uses a very high end technology with 16 stage innovative process under controlled environment conditions. This technology enable manufacturing of strong, warp-free panels with very less energy and less wastage. This make it affordable for broad use in large number of applications. At site level too, there is zero wastage as custom build panels are delivered and requires very less labour to install. This further saves cost making it Affordable.

Thickness Available: Standard thickness are 50mm and 32mm. Although any custom thickness can be produced as per site’s technical requirement.

Facing / Skin Options: Available in many different facings including (but not limited to!!) wood, plywood, laminated boards, cement board, aluminium, CR Steel, concrete, fibre glass, plastic, SS, etc.

Easy to Machine: Pronto Panels are easy to work on site using conventional wood working tool (for wooden facings!). It can be cut, drilled, joined easily at site only. These panels can even be drilled and fitted with electrical conduits.

Fast Turnaround: If you are in rush, only Pronto Panel can be custom made within even 24 hours (Subject to availability of chosen facing). Typically a 7-10 day turnaround time is required as per plant backlog after sharing of site drawings or panel sizes. Installation typically requires 1-4 days time depending on site’s condition and complexity. 


 The dimension and appearance of the PRONTO partition are crafted according to customers’ specific requirement.  Every element of Pronto panel from facings to thickness and shape is configurable.  Therefore it’s often considered as a magic material for designers. While Pronto panels comes ready to fit from factory itself, but it is also possible to do certain alterations and changes at site level also.