Product features


The panels are built to a high standard, and consist of solid wood frame, trendy facings, and sound absorbing insulation core called Pronto Core, which can withstand a compressive load of 900 kgs per sqft.

The traditional partitions ie wooden or modular aluminium partitions are completely hollow from inside. But in Pronto Panels the cavity between facing and frame is 100% filled with a super strong core made from internationally acclaimed structural cum insulating materials using a proprietary 15 stage manufacturing process.

To name a few features, Pronto is termite retardant, fire retardant, high compressive strength, insulating, acoustic, water non-absorbing, light weight, warp-free etc.

Pronto’s panels goes well with glass which can be easily incorporated as vision panel, partial glass wall or even full glass panels etc.

As in conventional drywalls and wooden partitions, cables and other installations can be incorporated within Pronto’s partition too. Sockets and accessories such as shelves, boards, pictures, whiteboards and even LCD TV’s can be hung directly to the partition.



  • Structurally strong and aesthetically beautiful with fantastic insulation.
  • Hardwood frame eliminates the need for cement wall or other support in background.
  • Great energy saver and hence indispensable in air-conditioned, cooled and heated buildings.
  • Manufactured to customized dimensions.
  • Much thinner than traditional walls hence increased floor space.
  • Electrical Conduit can be pre-fixed within the panel.
  • Light weight and easy to install. With proprietary biscuit joint system, it’s easy to fix at site. It can be easily installed with simple wood working tools.
  • Facing made from top quality laminated facings with many color options to choose from. Even multi color in single panel is possible. Other facing option (like cement board, mirror, real wood, Aluminum etc.) also available on request.
  • Versatile and suitable for many applications like offices, colleges, hospitals, hotels and residential uses.
  • Panel can be innovatively used in applications like walls, Partitions, False Ceiling, Claddings, Furniture, Doors and various similar applications with aesthetic value.