Space Saving Furniture


Space Saving Furniture


As living spaces become increasingly limited due soaring real estate price, consumers are seeking simple ways to maximize space without compromising on design or convenience. This requires creative and clever ways to maximize your space without compromising on quality.

Using its proprietary self-balancing gyroscopic technology, Pronto has engineered a range of space saving furniture that shows you how much space a well-designed home product or piece of furniture can save you. Our range of high quality and functional space saving furniture would completely change the way you plan and use your home/office interior.

Our range of hidden furniture suits need of all ranging from a small studio apartment, guest room, home office, kid’s room or hostel room or a hotel room and even hospitals. Space Saving Furniture has all the multifunctional solutions you need to maximize every space – large or small.


A 4 Minute Demonstration Video Of Space Saving Bed



Here is a glimpse of our various models:

Sofa and a Bed (wall bed/hidden bed):


No, this is not your typical old type sofa cum bed or folding bed which could hardly accommodate a school kid. Pronto’s “sofa and a bed” range have a full size sofa and a large Queen Size bed hidden behind it which can easily accommodate two adults. We have a large range modern bed designs in mesmerizing colours and shapes which maximizes your space and makes them look spacious and beautiful.

For those seeking a perfect sofa and a perfect bed here is a solution which comes without compromising function or design. All Pronto sofa beds work with a simple one touch operation without the need of shifting surrounding furniture around. This is the most comfortable sofa bed in the market today!


Dining Table and a Bed:


By day, the wall bed stands quietly inside a marvellous looking wall, while a large 5 feet long and 3 feet wide Dining Table is available whole day not just to eat but also for study. At night a large queen size bed comes down with a simple single pull without moving any furniture even by an inch. What’s more? The items placed on dining table remains on dining table without falling. By adding Pronto custom shelves, a lot of decorative and useful storage can be created on the wall to suit modern interior of your home. Any designer bed would shy away from our multi-tasking folding bed.


Study Table and a Bed:

Furniture that can multi-task can dramatically save on space.   Bed is there when you need it and becomes invisible when you don’t. It’s a superb solution not only for your kids but also a very good option for Home Office requirements. Institutes like hostels, colleges, hospitals use this model for most efficient space utilization. Per room occupancy can be increased by use of wall beds. Hospitals can now provide luxury facilities to patients as well as their attendants without increasing the room sizes.

Simple Wall Bed:

These internationally acclaimed beds are commonly known as Wall Bed, Hidden Bed or Folding bed or Murphy beds and many such similar names. These wall beds can be accompanied with our modular floating shelves to create beautiful home interiors. This solution is often sought for Home Offices and hotel rooms extra bed.

A 2 Bedroom-Living-Dining Studio Apartment in 200 SqFt:

Our team of designers were so excited with this new product that they created a lavish living room with 7 seat sofa and coffee table, a 5 person dining room with 5ft x 3 ft dining table, about 30 running feet of shelves for storage and 12 Feet long storage unit and also accommodated 2 Queen Size beds in a floor space of only 200 SQFT. They still have a lot of room left to accommodate a lot more. Don’t believe it? You must visit our furniture showroom in Jaipur to see a live display of same.


Make Every Square Foot Count:

Make every square foot of your studio apartment, small apartment or make larger apartment look bigger. Get smart solution with our extensive collection of transforming furniture designed to maximize any space – large or small. Visit our showroom to see a large range of multi-functional wall bed (or Murphy bed) systems, designed and made by Pronto. A well-designed space that uses transforming furniture can make your home – small or large – function like a space twice its size.


Our product is made with the finest materials ensuring long lasting quality. Our technologically advanced material ensures light weight and modular furniture which can be easily shifted and installed. Opening and closing operations are as simple as operating a refrigerator door.


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