Why the Health and Safety are important on Construction Sites?

Why the Health and Safety are important on Construction Sites?

Why the Health and Safety are important on Construction Sites

Work is important but it life is more important than work. People work and hard work to live. Thus construction is one of risky profession with the highly fatality rate. According to a research 3%of the workers get injured at the site it means 66,000 workers. While  4% of workers suffer from the work related illness every year. It is calculated on the average basis. The industry has seen much worse. Here we are providing some of the data with the help we can gain some further insight into the problem. Below mention are some of the official figures. Have a look on it:

  • 152 construction workers were killed while working on site
  • There are 611,000 cases of the injury it consists with the major and minor was took place within a construction site.
  •  A whooping 27.3 million workdays were lost due to on-site injury and illness
  • The final cost of these injuries and illness is estimated to be £14.3 billion

First thing that the sites ensures is that the Good Health and Safety Practice for the well being of the workers, companies, industry and society at large. For the reason workers become safer and more productive whereas companies get the bigger and much more profitable.

How it is beneficial for workers?

It saves the workers from the fatalities. Thus we all know that being sick is not the nice feeling. Even injured or in extreme cases dead. Therefore here is no loss of the income and have a higher medical cost to worry about. As well as it helps to boost their morale, productivity and consequently career also.

How it helps to benefit the Companies?

Consequently, fatalities at the sites invite the prosecution, bad press, the decline in the production and the loss of the revenue. Everyone avoid unsafe projects to be it, workers, customers or investors. Thus it becomes all the more important for companies to care for the health as well as safety of the workers.

Therefore the prosecution is feared the most as it might delay or shelve the project resulting in loss of the millions of the pounds. In addition the bad press is equally harmful as not only it turns customers away but also dent the reputation build over the years.

Furthermore adopting the health and the safety standards also helps the projects be completed on budget and times. The safe and healthy workplace makes workers more efficient and this can be seen on the projects. According to a recent survey PUF Panel manufacturer’s many construction projects were completed on budget. In the same way they are using growing adoption of Health and Safety standards at site.

How do Pronto Panels ensure health and safety standards at sites?

They do all of this by preventing unqualified access to the site. On another hand we disqualify workers without proper health and safety trainings from working on their sites. First they check worker is trained in safety and then passing a safety test which ensures you have developed the ability to ensure a safer and a healthier site. It certifies that you are a competent worker with having a good knowledge of your trade.

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