Pronto Readymade Room Solution for an old Building in Jaipur

Pronto Readymade Room Solution for an old Building in Jaipur


An old building owner in Jaipur required a room to be constructed on his building which is almost 70 years old. The approach roads to the old city were very small, making it difficult to bring in traditional building materials and equipment. The internal corridors were also very narrow, making it impossible to bring in large materials and equipment. Furthermore, the staircase in the building was also very small, preventing the transportation of large materials. This posed the primary challenge of constructing a room without damaging the old building.


The client opted for Pronto Readymade Room solution which offered multiple options based on size and colors. The client selected a room size of 12ft x 20ft, with beige color outside and white color inside. He also purchased a Pronto Readymade Toilet cum Bathing Room.


Pronto manufactured the Room in form of a Kit at Pronto’s factory, complete with all the accessories, doors, windows etc. This kit was dispatched to the customer’s site for evening delivery. The installation team took the material from the vehicle and lifted it to the roof of the old building within a couple of hours. On the next day, the marking of the room was done on site and approved by the client and installer. The kit was installed in just two days and the client engaged an electrician to install the wiring in the pre-installed conduits supplied by Pronto.


The Pronto Readymade Room and Toilet cum Bathroom solution solved the problem of the old building owner. He was able to save a lot of time and money by opting for a readymade solution. Pronto’s solution enabled the client to construct a room and toilet within his budget and in a very short time. The light weight materials used in Pronto’s solution did not damage the old building and the room was ready to use within a few days. The client also saved the hassle of engaging multiple contractors for plumbing, electrical conduit, door, window etc. since the room was pre-painted, there was no need to engage a painter as well.

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