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Proto Installation Process

Construct Anything, Anywhere: Superfast

A modular or pre-fabricated house is one that is built in a factory with advanced plant and machinery. Factory built components of house or cabin are called panels. These panels are then transported to construction site and installed to form a strong single structural unit.Because modular homes are built indoors in factory setting, they can be completed in a matter of a few weeks, as opposed to months. They don’t see the typical on-site delays caused by weather, material suppliers and multi-agency labour issues. Pronto’s Modular houses follow specific rules, guidelines and building codes that often exceed those of traditional on-site homes in terms of strength and durability.A modular home is not a mobile home; it is simply a home that is built off-site as opposed to traditional on-site construction. Though, if desired, smaller units of these houses like Guard Room or Dog Houses can be moved as one piece or alternatively they can be dismantled and reassembled at new location.So next time, you need to construct anything, anywhere just call us and we will complete your construction superfast and hassle free.

Site Office | FarmHouse | Penthouse


Site Office FarmHouse Penthouse

Our modular house ranges from a single room with attach toilet to a full three bedroom house which are personalized for your specific application and design. These houses are complete with doors, windows, electrical and plumbing provisions and they can be erected within a very short time.

Light weight design and advanced insulation makes them indispensible for outdoor and roof-top applications. Smaller units are fully truss-free saving lot of time, cost and also makes them aesthetically pleasing.

Once erected at site, these houses form a structurally strong single unit and are permanent in nature. Though for temporary applications like site-office, these units can be erected with a special open-able joint system wherein these units can be dismantled and shipped to different location and installed again.

Kiosk |Ticket Counter | Advertising Booth | Help Me Counter


Modern business often requires small modular rooms or cabins for their various applications. We produce smart range of modular rooms with attractive exterior and functional interiors. Inbuilt electrical conduit system, water proof material and affordable cost makes them a perfect solution for any business.
These rooms can be installed with large backlit advertising signage and it can also be vinyl wrapped with ease. Insulated walls makes it weather proof in both scorching summers and chilling winters.
Sturdy structures, customized design and concealed wiring with provision for AC and light fixtures open up possibility to use it for several applications. Standard cabins are available in heights of 8 or 9 feet with any width in multiple of 4 feet.

Low Cost Smart, Strong, Structure Free – Portable Toilets


Made from industrial grade PPGI sheets which comes pre-painted in various colours. Made in 30mm thickness to achieve more cost effectiveness. Designed into a TOILET for work sites and open areas. These units are designed to withstand extreme weather condition. While PVC and plastic would crack and shrink in high temperature, this unit will remain intact. Not only this, Pronto Core makes this unit highly insulated and adds structural strength. This is designed to install without need for any structural support. It can also accommodate a water tank on its roof. This unit comes with optional plinth frame with WC and floor. It can even be installed on roof tops.
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Guard Room



Our Guard Rooms are made with water-proof walls and roof with insulation equivalent to that of a 3 feet thick concrete wall. These rooms provide a humane working condition for our hard working guards. Rooms can be attractively designed with glass window and painted or tiled to give matching exterior with your building.
Guard rooms are available in two standard sizes of 8×8 and 4×4 with height of 8feets. Suitable provisions can be made for Resting bed, working desk, storage etc. Custom sizes are also available on request.

Dog Houses


Our pretty looking dog houses comes with insulation to protect your pet from extreme temperature change. Now your pets could have a cosy room while staying outdoor. Our dog houses are modular and can be accommodated even in balcony. Adequate provision for lamp and sliding door makes them ideal for dogs.

Industrial & Machine Enclosures


We produce low cost modular walls in PPGI sheet with unique interlocking system for various industrial and commercial applications. These strong and insulated panels can be used to make office areas (with or without roofing), enclosure for your large machinery or even a paint booth or a separate work area at your industrial shed within no time. This is a cost effective and fully modular solution which can be installed and removed easily.

Your Dreams Are Our “Blueprints”




Complete House with multiple rooms can also be designed with Pronto exterior grade Pre-Fabricated Panel range. It’s Cost Effective, Very Fast, Weather Proof,Insulated and a real fun to see them come to life. Tailor made panels are produced to create your desired space. Designing a dream house was never so easy.
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