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Budget Comparison

Is Pronto really Costly? No. Factually, your overall construction budget with Pronto is similar to budget of construction with ordinary tin sheet or metal roofing sheet. This is because, Pronto requires 50% less purlins due to its high load bearing property. And minor additional price of just Rs 50/SqFt in case of Pronto is fully offset by savings in cost of purlins in steel structure. Calculate yourself on this comparative price calculator.

Did You know: Pronto’s quality award winning factories are equipped with the latest technologies and have the largest capacity of producing PUF Panels in the country. Larger production enable best quality at the lowest Price.

Budget Comparison
Need Lesser Structural support

Need Lesser
Structural Support

More Strength = Less Support

Pronto Panels, being 100 times thicker than ordinary metal tin sheet requires far less number of purlins (metallic support beams). This leads to huge savings in the total cost of making the structure of your building. Due to high load bearing capacity over long spans, with Pronto roofing sheet you require 50% less purlins. This not only brings cost savings, but less structure also improves interior looks of your space.

Stronger than tin

Stronger than tin

Pronto roofing sheets have very high compressive strength (ADD) compared to ordinary corrugated roofing sheet. Thus, the shape of corrugation do not change even after screwing. This ensures sung fit of interlocking joints, giving strength and durability to your roof. Pronto roofs are very strong and safe even in high winds.

Looks & life comparison

Pronto roofing Panels comes Powder-coated with GL (Zinc+ Aluminum) undercoat. Pronto edge protect technology for rust protection and Weather-shield technology for Shine and Color retention for years to come. As Bonus, with Pronto you get powder coating on inside too. Thus, pronto panels are superior both, in enhancing the looks of your building and retaining it for a long period.

built with similar budget looks 10 years
modern looks

Modern Looks

With two side powder coating, the interior with Pronto roofing sheet look far more superior then traditional tin shed. No screw holes showing visible sunlight gaps and no rusting interior like metal colour coated sheets. With pronto corrugation is not visible from inside giving a uniform professional looks to your building.

Longer life

Longer life

Our panels come with a host of different coatings which protects these panels from Bad Weather, Rusting as well as gradual fading of color due to the UV Rays. Sealing the edges in metal sleeves prevents corrosion along the corners.

Wide variety of colours to choose from

Wide variety of
colours to choose from

Pronto offers the widest variety of colors and textures in its PUF Panels range. There are a ton of different shades to choose from, including Pastel shades, and Wooden textured finish. Dual-colour panels with different colour on inside and outside offers wide design possibilities.

Our Textured Range can even make your metallic panels look and feel like Real Wood!

World’s best insulation roofing material

Pronto roofing sheets are 1 lac times more insulated when compared to ordinary tin metal sheet roofing.

Pronto Panels contain a polyurethane (PU) foam core which provides exceptional insulating capabilities to our product. Moreover, our Quantum Core Technology further enhances their performance, ensuring that the temperature of your building is maintained for much extended periods, leading to heavy savings in your energy bills and comfortable working conditions for inhabitants.

best insulation roofing material


Insulation is one of the best features of PUF Panels . Not only does this lead to energy savings, but also ensures that a comfortable environment is maintained within the building. This means that in summers, your place stays cool and in winters, it stays warm and cozy inside.

Forget bubble sheet ka jugaad

Forget bubble
sheet ka jugaad

Due to high heat problem in metal roofing sheets, the only remedy was a jugaad of wrapping your building with plastic bubble sheet. This not only adds cost, but also add a huge Fire risk as a small spark will ignite plastic sheet. Also, bubble sheet start sagging in some time and also develop gaps and cracks in quick time, making them useless and give poor interior looks. With Pronto ashvam series starting at just 106/SqFt, there is no need for any risky jugaad, because Tin cost +Bubble sheet cost = Pronto cost.

Freedom from dust, rust & leakage

Pronto Panels interlocking feature ensures that no dust or rainwater can seep inside your building, at the same time, our thick foam core does not allow the screws to move and corrode the panel and create air gaps through which water and dust can enter.

tin shed or pronto


See through holes of metal roofing sheet allows
dust and water to seep in. With pronto roofing
do not have any such visible holes. This coupled
with strong interlock and uniform corrugation
which do not change during screwing, ensure
total leakage and dust protection.



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