Quick to construct

  1. 1. Light Weight. pre fabricated building material
    that requires low on site construction.
  2. 2. Does not require to disturb the current activities
    in the building while constructing the new floor.
  3. 3. Construction with pronto panels is as strong as done
    with any other construction material. Numerous public
    and private projects have been successfully completed
    with pronto panels

No need to make any
structural changes in
the existing building
while constructing the
new floor

Colour options

  1. 1.Pronto panels come in cement and metal facing varients
  2. 2. For fancy applications cement facing pronto panels are
    available on which you can paste tiles. wallpaper or paint
    them with colour of your choice
  3. 3. For low cost application metal facing panels are available.
    These panels are available in varies colour and texture


  1. 1.Construction with Pronto panels costs almost 30 to 50%
    lesser when compared with civil construction
  2. 2. Construction with Pronto panels is possible at the costs as
    low as almost Rs 400 per sq feet. For ferther information
    please visit the price calculator page on our website.



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