Readymade Cabins

Readymade Cabins
A Modern Solution for Quick & Affordable Construction

Are you looking to construct a room on your existing building? Are you worried about the limited access to the building and also that a traditional construction might not be feasible? Worry no more, because Pronto has a solution for you – ReadyMade Rooms!

Pods, The Baap of Container Houses is a complete plug-and-play solution for all your construction requirements. Pre-fabricated and pre-engineered solutions means that your room, guard room & toilet can be installed in no time! And not to mention, our Pods have a customizable range of design options and sizes, suiting any budget. No longer worry about the dead load of the old building – our solutions are lightweight and fit for any situation. So look no further – with Pronto’s ReadyMade Rooms, the Baap of Container Houses, you can construct your room and toilet in no time. Call or visit the Pronto center today!

Type of Readymade Cabins

Readymade Room

These units are super quick to install, so no time lag for construction. Can be installed over the weekend without disturbing routine operations of any building. Our units come in several colour options. Ranging from beautiful wooden textures to solid colours.

Readymade Toilets

Readymade Toilets come with a strong metal body (Zero Plastic), ensuring long life and easy installation. They come in three variants – Budget Model (Indian W/C), Executive Model (European W/C) and Combined Toilet cum Bathroom Model (European W/C).

Readymade Guard Room

Designed to accommodate one person comfortably, this guard hut comes in a size of 7 feet in height and 4×4 floor. It features an openable lid on one side and a sliding glass window on both of the side walls.


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