Construction of St. Paul School: A Success Story with Pronto’s PUF Panels

Introduction The construction of the top floor of St. Paul school at Kishangarh, Rajasthan was a unique experience, and a great success story. The school wanted a modern, European-style roof with a sloping design in red. This was not achievable through traditional RCC construction, and metal tin profile sheets were not an option due to [...]Read more

Pronto Readymade Room Solution for an old Building in Jaipur

Background: An old building owner in Jaipur required a room to be constructed on his building which is almost 70 years old. The approach roads to the old city were very small, making it difficult to bring in traditional building materials and equipment. The internal corridors were also very narrow, making it impossible to bring […]

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Construct a new Restaurant under a month with Pronto Panels

Considering that you are going to start this dream project of yours, you might want to know the details or the step by step guide on how to open a restasurant in India. There are several processes in India considering the massive opportunity that the Indian holds for future & future existing restaurant business, you […]

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Why Pre Engineered Buildings considered Better?

The pre-engineered buildings are one of the most preferred choices of construction in the world. In India, PEB is the much-utilized idea because they are more than 60% of the nonresidential low rise buildings in the west is pre-designed. In India, there is the quickest developing business sector in the pre-engineered development segment.  Mostly this […]

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Why Pre-Engineered Buildings are preferred safe in Rainy Season?

Due to the adoption of the innovative technologies the construction industry is changing very rapidly. Nowadays the pre-engineered buildings become the preferred choice of the construction whether the construction is for private projects or for the government projects. The PUF Panel Manufacturer’s steel building is strong in strength, lighter in weight as well as flexible […]

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Modern Day Construction Solutions with PUF Panels

This is the modern era of the innovation and the fast paced technology. If you are facing any kind of the problem then you will get many solutions to deal with that problem. Therefore there is a quick and easy solution for everything. Thus the construction industry is the best and excellent example of this […]

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