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Readymade Toilets from Pronto!

Don't Build, Just Buy!

Pronto POD’s Readymade Toilets are the perfect solution for any kind of washroom needs. Don’t build, just buy!

Our Readymade Toilets come with a strong metal body (Zero Plastic), ensuring long life and easy installation. They come in three variants – Budget Model (Indian W/C), Executive Model (European W/C) and Combined Toilet cum Bathroom Model (European W/C).

Readymade Toilet Model

PRICE of Readymade Toilet (Budget Model)

Readymade Budget Toilet Model

(with Indian WC)

Pronto’s Readymade Budget Toilet Model is a cost-effective, durable and prefabricated toilet that is perfect for workers, staff, and site offices. It is made of metal, which makes it strong and rugged materials that can withstand rough use. It is also insulated, which helps to keep it cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Features of Readymade Toilets:

  1. 1. Indian WC
  2. 2.Strong All metal body : Plastic/PVC/Fiber Free
  3. 3. Spacious size of portable toilet 6’ x 3’ x 3’
  4. 4. Insulated and heat proof
  5. 5. 100 Ltr Water Tank Top Mounted
  6. 6. Commode, Pipeline, Tap
  7. 7. Low Cost
  8. 8. Strong Structure for Foundation.
  9. 9. Modular toilet: Easy to install & Shift
  10. 10. Strong Zero Plastic body.
  11. 11. Long life

The Budget Toilet Cabin Model (Indian W/C) is a great option for a variety of applications, including

  • 1. Readymade Toilet for servants at home
  • 2. Factory staff toilet
  • 3. Public Toilet
  • 4. Commercial Places like Petrol Pump and labour sites
Portable Toilet Cabin

PRICE of Readymade Toilet (Executive Model)

Portable Toilet Cabin :Executive Model Toilet

(European W/C)

The Executive Model (European W/C) toilet is a premium readymade toilet cabin that is perfect for premium users in Colleges, farmhouses, shops, and Engineer Site offices. It comes with a large water tank, European WC, and washbasin. It has a powder-coated interior and exterior for a good-looking and hygienic finish. It is larger than our Budget Model with a size of 7′ (feet) height and 4’x4′ floor.

Features of Portable Toilet Cabins:

  • 1. Spacious size of 7′ x 4′ x 4′
  • 2. Insulated
  • 3. 100 Ltr Water Tank Top Mounted
  • 4. European Commode, Pipeline, Tap
  • 5. Strong Plinth Structure for Foundation
  • 6. Strong Metal body Plastic/PVC/Fiber Free
  • 7. Easy to install

Benefits of Executive Model ofReadymade Toilets:

  • 1. Premium quality
  • 2. Hygienic finish
  • 3. Easy to install
  • 4. Affordable price
  • 5. Durable construction

Order your Executive Model (European W/C) toilet today and enjoy the benefits of a premium readymade toilet!

Readymade Toilet and Bathroom:Combined Model

PRICE of Readymade Toilet and Bathroom .

Readymade Toilet and Bathroom: Combined Model

Readymade Toilet cum Bathroom Model is a premium, multipurpose toilet cum bathroom unit that is perfect for houses, farmhouses, office for premium users requiring attached bath option. It comes with a large water tank, European WC, and washbasin. The Prefabricated Toilet and bathroom unit has a strong metal body and is insulated for year-round use. It is also low-cost and easy to install.

Features of Readymade Toilet and bathroom:

  1. 1. Spacious size of 7’ x 4’ x 6’
  2. 2. Different Colour available
  3. 3. Overhead Shower and Tap
  4. 4. Wash Basin with wooden cabinet
  5. 5. Commode, Pipeline, Tap
  6. 6. Strong Structure for Foundation
  7. 7. Plastic/PVC/Fiber Free
  8. 8. Easy to install and modular

Benefits of Readymade Toilet and bathroom:

  1. 1. Premium quality and construction
  2. 2. Perfect for farmhouses
  3. 3. Spacious and comfortable
  4. 4. Insulated for year-round use
  5. 5. Low-cost
  6. 6. Easy to install
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