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Pronto Panels are strong, versatile and cost-effective building materials that have a wide range of uses in both commercial and industrial segment. Pronto panels are lightweight and can be easily installed which makes them a great option for projects where speed of installation is a priority. Pronto panels provide great insulation against temperature and sound, making them ideal for use in industrial environments where noise and temperature levels are critical. These panels also offer excellent protection from mold, fire, and environmental threats due to their powder-coated metal facings. In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain which makes them perfect for areas that require high levels of hygienic standards such as food industry areas. With all these benefits, Pronto Panels have found innovative uses in various industries in the commercial and industrial segments. This article will discuss some of these innovative uses in detail.

Benefits of Pronto Panels for
Commercial and Industrial Segments

Pronto Panels have a number of advantages over traditional building materials such as bricks, concrete or aluminum when used in commercial or industrial segments. Firstly, they are extremely lightweight which means they can be quickly installed with minimal effort. Secondly, they provide excellent insulation properties so that heat or noise from one area does not infiltrate into other areas. Thirdly, the powder-coated metal facings make the panels resistant to mold, dust, oil and other environmental threats – ideal for use in factories that need to maintain high levels of hygiene at all times. Fourthly, the panels come with pre-drilled holes so that wiring can be easily installed if necessary. Finally, Pronto Panels are highly modular so they can be shifted or altered at any time without much effort or wastage material – making them suitable for use in many different applications within a commercial or industrial setting.

Innovative Uses of Pronto Panels

Tall Wall Industrial Partitions

Pronto 65mm panels are an ideal solution for large industrial sheds which are as high as 30 to 40 feet tall. Conventional building materials such as bricks are not practical in this case as the walls need to be at least one foot thick with several concrete beams. Aluminium partition cannot stand straight at such a length, and also lack strength. Pronto 65mm panels are the perfect solution for this requirement as they have excellent strength, come powder-coated from both sides, and have very little set-up time – only three days were required to cover a stretch of 200 feet when Bosch Jaipur used them to divide their industrial shed into sections. As an added bonus, they saved 50% on cost compared to brick construction, and two months on setup time! These panels provide excellent insulation against temperature and sound, making them ideal for use in industrial environments where noise and temperature levels are critical. In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain which makes them perfect for areas that require high levels of hygienic standards such as food industry areas. With all these benefits, Pronto Panels have become the preferred choice of industries for tall walls.

Machine Enclosures

Industries often have specialized machines that require protection from other parts of the manufacturing facility, such as temperature control, dust protection, and privacy. These machines also need to be adaptable and flexible to accommodate changes in the machine or process. However, due to the large size of industrial sheds in terms of floor area and height, it is difficult to find a suitable building material that serves this purpose. As a result, industries often resort to makeshift solutions.

Fortunately, Pronto has introduced special panels for Industrial Machine Enclosures. These panels come in extra long lengths and are insulated and powder-coated so they do not absorb dirt or oil. They can stand with almost no support and can be easily shifted whenever necessary. The panels can also be easily cut to enable passage for tubes, conveyors, and dust pipes that need to connect with other parts of the factory.

With Pronto’s Machine Enclosure, industries are getting a reliable, safe, and cost-effective solution to protect their machines and processes. Moreover, they are getting a modular solution that can be changed or altered at any time.

Food industry sections

BIKAJI Bhujiya, a food processing company based in Bikaner, faced a challenge of controlling the heat generated from their frying zone which was heating up the entire industrial shed. To tackle this issue, they had initially used conventional aluminum partitions between the frying and packing zones. However, they soon realized that this was not a suitable solution and started searching for an alternative.

That’s when they came across Pronto Panels – heat proof industrial wall partitions that were highly hygienic due to their powder-coated metal facings. These panels did not absorb any dirt or oil and were very easy to clean. The absence of vertical sections also ensured that no dirt would settle on any joints. On top of it, these panels were fully insulated which helped keep the heat in the frying zone segregated from other areas of the factory.

The budget for Pronto panels was similar to that of aluminum partition but with much better results. This enabled BIKAJI Bhujiya to save money on partition work while also resolving their problem of heat and hygiene in their world-class factory. Pronto thus provided them with an affordable and hygienic solution for their food industry needs.

Staff Toilet Block

As industries grow in terms of scale of operation and number of employees, the need for additional facilities such as toilets increases. Pronto has a solution for this requirement – they supply ready to install toilet blocks which are hygienic, cost effective and very affordable. These blocks can be bought ready-made or alternatively can be erected on site as per desired shape and size. Pronto panels for toilets come equipped with water proof material with provisions for plumbing lines, Water Closets, taps, basins etc. These units provide a great solution to the problem of providing mandatory facilities for staff and team members.

The panels used in these toilet blocks are highly insulated and provide excellent fire safety and heat protection. The panels are also powder coated from both the sides for hygiene and protection from dirt and oils. This ensures that the toilets remain clean and hygienic at all times. Pronto thus provides an easy and cost effective solution to build staff amenities with utmost hygiene and safety.


Pronto panels are an ideal solution for all types of partition requirements in commercial and industrial segments. Pronto Ultra series panels for office area come with pre-drilled conduit and wooden finishes, providing a neat and aesthetically pleasing look while also offering high strength and temperature control. The Ashvam series from Pronto is an affordable option for partitions in packing areas, sorting areas, process wise areas, storage areas and more. This series is 30% cheaper than aluminum while being much stronger and more modular. Industries have shifted to Pronto Partition panels due to the cost benefit they offer over aluminum. These panels can be used to create half height, full height partitions, rooms with roof or without roof – all of which can be installed easily without any wastage. Additionally, these panels are pre-insulated which makes them suitable for both cold storage as well as normal rooms in industry. Pronto thus provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for all types of partition requirements.

Industrial Vision Tower or Mezzanine Floor

Industries often have heavy machinery and materials that require floor space, but the vertical area above them remains unused. Pronto panels provide a great solution for doubling up the available floor space by constructing mezzanine floors or vision towers. These floors are constructed using MS sections, with the lower part of the floor (ground floor) open from all sides to allow for easy movement of heavy goods and people. The upper floors are constructed using lightweight Pronto panels, which can be used for engineering teams, quality control, monitoring, floor supervisor cabins and many other uses. These constructions are highly modular and can be altered or shifted at any time. Unlike aluminum roofs, these units can be easily constructed with Pronto Panels itself – something that is not achievable with either concrete or aluminum. Most modern industrial facilities are now using Pronto for such applications, as it provides an effective and safe solution for creating additional space in their facilities.


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