Why construction services?

If you’re looking for a hassle free construction experience, you will love this. With Construction Services we offer expert consultation on building design and budgets before one of our specialist teams undertakes the task of constructing your home or a factory or even a small guard room whether new or an extension of existing building. Our professionals are highly skilled and complete construction jobs as per your preferred timeline, delivering a swift and satisfying experience.

Currently our Construction Services are available in Jaipur only.

Construction Made Easy




Regular Construction Service

Our regular construction service is an answer to all your construction needs. Get unmatched construction solution delivered in an easy stress-free way.


Express Construction Service

Choose between our 7 day and 15 day express construction package to get quickest and highest quality service.


Site Management Service

Our experts assess your needs and design your project. On site management team will provide manpower and manage site work delivering hassle free professional job.

Why construction service

Constructing your home or industry is exciting. Your dreams start taking a shape and you can make it look the way you want. But choosing the correct products, assessing loads, preparing drawings and managing labour can be a huge task. Our aim is simple, to make construction a great experience.


Great Service

From choosing the right product and desing to a speedy and efficient job, this is a one stop solution to all your construction needs. The direct supervision of our relationship associates and professionals ensures your construction experience is a pleasure.


Experts at Work

We stick to your budget and make sure you don’t need to pay a penny more than the figure on the contract. Our sales and relationship associates are also very particular about timelines and will keep you updated every step of the way.


Expert Advice

We provide services of qualified architects and engineers who will prepare detailed engineering drawings based on your site conditions and requirements. The drawings and project designs will be based on advice given by these experts to client.


Superior Quality

You are assured of highest quality construction as we strictly adhere to the recommended processes of construction as per design and advice of expert architects and engineers. All our labours and contractors are trained to deliver only at the highest standard.

Consultation Process

The Consultation

You can contact us by filling a form online/calling us at 0141-5124242. Once that’s done, we’ll send a sales representative to your home. Our representative are trained to evaluate sites, take accurate measurements and most importantly help you arrive at estimated budget. They recommend products depending on the service and budget at hand.

The Contract

After you’ve decided what needs to be done, we draw up a contract that defines the scope of work, timelines for the project and method of payment. Once the terms of the contract are set you will need to sign it and make an advance payment via cheque/ demand draft to our Authorized Service Provider. The nature of the contract depends on the service you need.

An Experts Job

Our team can work on drawings prepared by your existing architect or engineer. Alternatively we may arrange services of external consultants like architects or engineer to prepare project drawings and structural designs in consultation with you. Now, you’re set. Sit back and relax as our experts take over. First, they will procure the Pronto materials you’ve chosen and depute Pronto Panel’s trained installers. They will also ensure that the quality of work meets our recommended guidelines and standards.

Handover Time

When finished, we make sure we clean up before handing over the site to you. The job is done only after you’re satisfied and put your signature on the job completion form.

We take feedback very seriously. Post completion you will be contacted by an independent agency to confirm your satisfaction and ratings on our service.

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