Why Pre Engineered Buildings considered Better?

Why Pre Engineered Buildings considered Better?

Why Pre Engineered Buildings considered Better?

The pre-engineered buildings are one of the most preferred choices of construction in the world. In India, PEB is the much-utilized idea because they are more than 60% of the nonresidential low rise buildings in the west is pre-designed. In India, there is the quickest developing business sector in the pre-engineered development segment.  Mostly this type of construction is pollution free. As well as it is easy to fabricate at any building location. PUF Panel manufacturer is an expert in using the pre-engineered buildings materials in construction. When we make a comparison between the reinforced cement concrete (RCC) with the pre-engineered building then it would be right to say that the pre-engineered building is one of the better choices for the construction. Below mention are some of the reasons that will show why pre-engineered buildings are considered better.

• Cost & Time Saving

In the manufacturing process of pre-engineered building less manpower and time required. This process of construction is a quicker, affordable and cost-effective way. On the other hand in the process of the RCC building, a lot of the manpower and time required to build it. Thus it is the costly process. So it is clear that the pre-engineered building process is time-saving.

• Earthquake Resistance

The pre-engineered buildings can withstand earthquake more effectively as compared to the RCC buildings. Because RCC buildings are brittle so they are less earthquake resistant.

• The capacity of Load Bearing

As we compared it with the steel the load-bearing capacity of the RCC is low on the other hand the load carrying capacity of a pre-engineered building is very good and effective.

• Weather Resistant

In the RCC building, the moisture affects the RCC wall because of the absorption of the moisture. But with the steel building, it does not happen.

• The Scrap Value

The materials which are used in the construction of the pre-engineered building is most of the times reusable. But the materials used in RCC buildings construction are very rare to be reused. Thus the scrap value of the concrete is nil and the scrap value of steel is very good.

• Self-Weight

Therefore the self-weight of the RCC is more but that of the pre-engineered buildings is 60% lighter than the concrete.


The foundation for the RCC building should be strong because of the larger weight of the concrete but the steel building can be made without foundation.

• Less Maintenance

The pre-engineered buildings require less maintenance as compared to the RCC buildings. Any weather condition does not affect the steel building but RCC buildings are likely to be affected by weather conditions, so required more maintenance in it.

• Dismantlement

The materials of the steel building can be dismantled and reinstalled easily but the RCC building material is not useful after the destruction of a building.

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